Art is an integral part of human existence. There are many ways to define art, with the standard definition being that it is a form of creativity that humans use to express imagination and feelings. The appeal to the visual and auditory senses is how made art is used as a tool to express joy, sorrow, the birth of a baby, death, and different stages of life. There are so many forms of art, and what attracts artists to a particular category include personal interest, culture, individual talents, and access to materials to create artworks. Every country has its unique form of art that is appreciated by most of the people.

Branches of Art

There are different branches of art, and artists can decide to explore a particular one or combine many forms. These include:

  • Visual Art:

When it comes to visual art, there are many forms such as drawing, where the artist uses a pen, charcoal, or pencil to demonstrate thoughts or emotions. Painting is also a popular form of art, and artists who paint use colours in different ways to render an image. Another form of visual art is sculpture, where items are carved from glass, wood, or clay. For people who love to write, calligraphy is a popular form of visual art where letters are made in a way that they appear beautiful and artistic. Photography, where cameras are used to capture images, is becoming a popular form of art that attracts Understanding Art

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